A Better Brand Experience

We strongly believe that every person should have access to the brands who can offer them the best experience and quality possible. We believe just as strongly that brands deserve to be judged by the quality of their product and their commitment to the consumer.

By creating and pushing brands to a variety of rich and diverse platforms where they can prove their loyalty to consumers, Nicolas Global offers customers access to the brands they desire while connecting brands to the loyal customer bases they deserve.

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Our Founder

Dr. Nicolas Porter

Meet Dr. Nico

Dr. Nicolas Porter, or Dr. Nico, as he is often called, is a multi-award-winning business founder who specializes in industry disruption and laser focus on customer satisfaction. As the founder of NG, he utilizes the same principles that have made his previous business ventures successful.

In 2011, Dr. Nico opened the doors of the first ever location for Risas Dental and Braces. Focusing on what he considered “forgotten” communities in Phoenix, Arizona and offering common sense approaches that had eluded dentistry for years, Risas saw immediate success and rapid growth, expanding to 25 offices across 4 western US states and winning multiple awards.

These businesses reflected Dr. Nico’s focus and vision. Operations that normally cost too much for the average family to afford became available at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. Dr. Nico instituted customer focused policies and empowered partner dentists with ownership autonomy and a unique and generous pay structure. He promoted a company culture of giving and sharing, and established Labor of Love, an annual Labor Day celebration that has provided millions of US dollars in free dental care to communities in need.

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Five Star Treatment

There have never been more options available to the average customer than there are today, which means even the best brands and products often struggle to gain market awareness without savvy marketing and technological mastery.

Nicolas Global knows how to put brands in front of consumers. Just as importantly, we know how to put brands in front of the right consumers, resulting in happy customers, great reviews, and significant word-of-mouth momentum for the brands we choose to amplify.

NG Brands


Keto Vida™

Enjoy all the benefits of the Keto Diet without all the work. Keto Vida supplements will help you reach Ketosis, burn ketones for fuel, and help promote the healthier lifestyleyou’ve always desired. Start livin’ the Keto Vida!


Vengo is a one-shop, non-stop, never-drop energy revolution. It’s an energy drink for those who want crisp, clear flavors and a natural boost that isn’t bogged down by calories, carbs, or sugar. Warning: Once you Vengo, you won’t stop.


Ciela is proud to combine the highest quality ingredients and most cutting-edge technology in beauty care with affordable prices. Everyone deserves to feel good about the way they look. So reach for Ciela, and discover why these products are truly beyond compare.

Healthy Vida™

Life is a challenge, and getting the right nutrients for your mind and body is an essential part of meeting each day head on. Healthy Vida offers quality supplements at pricesyou can afford with peace of mind.

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Why Nicolas Global?

Reasons Our Brands Are Good For You

Brand Creation

We offer a tried and true process for creating brand success because we also have a history of creating successful brands. We’ve guided a diverse selection of products from origination to completion to ensure our practices are battle-tested and based on experience and insight.

Brand Connection

We have connections to the best business channels out there. Whether you’re looking to break through via fundraising, loyalty rewards, relationship marketing, or through more traditional means, we know how to get your product in the hands of large groups of consumers.

Customer Retention

We don’t put your brand in front of people; we put your brand in front of the right people; customers who are motivated to share. With Nicolas Global, you’re not adding to the number of eyes on your product, you’re multiplying.

Industry Experience

Years of relationship cultivation have put us at the forefront of several industries. We know how to operate in various worlds, and we know how to guide brands through every process necessary in order to stand out and thrive in each of those worlds.

Full Service

Nicolas Global offers technical and third party logistics while also supplying warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping for brands. In addition, NG offers a technology platform which automates relationship marketing for businesses.

A Winning Team

Nicolas Global is headed by a multi-award-winning business founder who specializes in industry disruption and customer satisfaction. The NG team is multifaceted and talented in a wide variety of fields, ranging from legal expertise to content creation to technological innovation.

Smile Equality Foundation

Because everyone deserves to smile.

Smile Equality is an idea. And with that idea, we hope to change the world.

Smile Equality means that no matter who you are, where you're from, or where you're going, you matter. It means that your friends matter and that a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. It's the idea that we all deserve to smile.

Every human being has a story to tell. We are all flawed, and we are all brilliant. The potential of the human spirit is infinite, and yet there are people struggling everywhere. We just want to make that struggle a little bit easier. So we're putting ourselves out there, in the hopes that you will do the same.

Make a change. Make a difference. Make one new person smile each day with an act of kindness or a thoughtful gesture.

And watch your world change.

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